Tender Registration Form


  1. No dinghy may occupy a storage rack or use Club facilities until it is registered with the Club.
  2. A member not wholly owning a dinghy and locating it in or on Club premises shall indemnify the Club against all actions, damages, costs and expenses to which the Club may become liable in respect of any loss or damage to property or injury to persons wholly or in part by the location of such dinghy in or on Club premises.
  3. Any change in ownership of a dinghy shall be communicated immediately in writing to the Club.
  4. All vessels on the Club register shall comply with the relevant regulations regarding navigation, safety and lifesaving equipment.
  5. All dinghies on the Club register shall be insured against third party property damage and injury or death to persons.
Tender Registration Form
Do you require a rack to store your tender?
If available, would you like undercover storage?
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