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Boating Sections

Keelboat Racing
Club racing runs on Saturday afternoons October to April; Mid Week racing on Thursday afternoons all year round; Frostbite Racing on Sundays from May to September. Twilight Sailing from October to April. Classes supported, Division 1, 2 & 3; Couta Boats, BW8’s, Etchells, Dragons and Flying 15’s
Off the beach
Club racing is generally on Sunday mornings October to April. Dinghy Winter Series on Sundays from May to September. Classes supported, Optimist, O’pen Skiff, Mirror, 420, BIC Techno, Laser, 29er, WASZP, Contender, Moth and 49er
Our Club has a long history of ocean racing which dates back to WA’s first long distance race from Fremantle to Bunbury in 1948. The annual event is now a 170 nautical mile return race. Several competitive yachts represent the Club in offshore racing in WA and around the globe and many members are involved as crew.
The winter–time trialling season commences each year in the first week of May and runs through until September.  Time trialling is available to all Members of all Clubs, power and sail.  Time trialling is a test of accuracy rather than speed and requires that you arrive at checkpoints located a known distance apart at precisely the right time, based on your nominated speed of between 5 and 15 knots.
St Ayles Skiff – Rowing
Two St Ayles skiffs Dotsie and Ripple were built by Club members, launched in 2016 then gifted to RFBYC. The skiffs are available to member rowers, through the booking system at the Club’s On-Water Office or members are welcome to join the weekly roster for a regular row at scheduled times.
Volunteers are essential to the successful delivery of our on-water programs.  With over 200 volunteers helping us put on events each year, we need to ensure that all members have an opportunity to join in, get trained and find positions that are enjoyable. We welcome newcomers on board, no experience necessary. A perfect way to meet other members. Come and join in on the fun!