Auditing Documents

Auditing Requirements

Auditing Requirements

It is a requirement of participation in club activities that all off the beach dinghies are audited annually by our nominated auditors. The purpose of auditing is to ensure that your dinghy complies with safety requirements and is in a seaworthy condition. It may also be a requirement of your insurance.

Auditing for the 2022-23 season will take place at the following times:

  • 12th September – 16:00
  • 14th September – 16:00
  • 16th September – 16:00
  • 9th October – 09:00

After 9th October if your dinghy has not been audited it will be your responsibility to contact a club auditor and arrange an audit at a mutually convenient time. You will not be able to participate in club activities until your boat has been audited.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your dinghy is adequately prepared for the audit and to make any changes recommended by the auditor. Please refer to the Off the Beach Equipment Audit Form for details of requirements.

Trish Ford – [email protected]
Mike Hughes – [email protected]
Shaun Hughes – [email protected]
Chris Kelly – [email protected]
Jenny Spearman – [email protected]
Manfred Speicher – [email protected]
Jonathan Strauss – [email protected]