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For your security, forgot password is not available for first time users.
Please try to login using the instructions shown on this page. 


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Login Instructions

Hello Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club Member,
Welcome to the new Northstar Member login page.

Member usernames are your full 5-digit member number, for example 01234. (Please add “0” before your four-digit member number if you have one).
You can find your member number on your statements and also printed on the front of your member card.
The default password is the first four digits of your date of birth (DDMM). For example 8th of January would be 0801, or your existing user generated password.

If this is your first time accessing Northstar (yes it looks similar) you will be prompted to setup a security question. This will enable you to use the forgot password tool in future. When logged in to MyRFBYC, using the My Profile area of the member dashboard you will be able to change your password. You will find the member portal menu under the Club Info heading. 

Please call the club office for support if you are having any difficulties on 08 9286 8200.