River Rescue Duty – Summer Keelboat Sailing

Every summer sailing season, the club seeks support of members with power boats to provide assistance to our sailors on the river for their weekly events.  Each week we require (3) Member boats to be allocated plus (1) Member who will crew on the Club safety boat.

River Rescue duties are required for standby, transport back and communication assistance.

Members are able to select their preferred date prior to the season commencing. Dates are allocated on a first in first on basis. Members with boats on the Club Register who do not select a preferred date will be allocated a date of duty by the Administration Team.
Members who have been granted an exemption in the past for any reason must resubmit a written request for exemption each season thereafter.

If you are unable to attend your duty for any reason, it is your responsibility to find a replacement and notify the Club of these changes. A family member, friend, boatman, neighbour etc can complete your duty on your behalf if you are unable to attend or you may wish to try and make a swap with another member on the roster.

Reminders to those on the roster will be sent one week in advance of the duty.  The instructions for River Rescue may be viewed in advance HERE


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