Preparations for the 2023-24 Sailing Season are well underway, with the compilation of the Keelboat and Off-the-Beach racing calendar, an integral part of the process.  With the assistance of your Fleet Captains, we are endeavouring to put together an exciting racing program for the upcoming season.

For the Keelboat and Off-the-Beach calendar, we are looking to identify Individual and Corporate donors to allocate trophies to each race day.  For those not familiar with the system, please refer to information below:

Individual Trophy Donation:

Ideally, it would be great to have a trophy allocated to each fleet for each race day.  Donors have the opportunity to choose a race day, fleet and name of the trophy (eg The Smith Family Trophy or My Boat’s Name Trophy).  We also welcome the donation of multiple trophies.

Trophy donations contribute towards the awards presented at the annual prize nights as well as the glass prize awarded each week after Keelboat racing.
The individual trophy donation amounts are: 
Off-the-Beach – $50   |   Keelboats – $30

Corporate Sponsorship:

For an amount of $1000, you can become a Corporate sponsor.  Corporate sponsors will receive naming rights recognition on two race days as well as a company logo in the Sailing Handbook and on the Club website with a link through to the company website.

On two chosen race days, Corporate sponsors are invited to have a presence at the Club to promote their company brand and are also invited to attend and present the prizes on those dates. Corporate Sponsors may create a display or fly banners and flags to promote their brand and in addition will be mentioned in Club publications and social media channels during the week of their race days.

The Corporate donation for Keelboats and Off the Beach (inc. Juniors) fleets allows you to choose which two racing days your donation will be applied to and encompasses trophies for all fleets sailing on those days doubling the exposure of your corporate donation.
If you would like to donate a trophy or trophies for the 2023-24 sailing season, please complete the online trophy donation form, using the following link:

Donation(s) may be charged to your member account, or we can issue an invoice.  If you choose to pay through your member account, the total of your donation amount will appear on your October statement.

If you require further information, please get in touch with our Sailing Administrator.

Thank you in advance for your continued support of our Club racing.
Marty Jurat & James Kornweibel
Rear Commodore Sail and Rear Commodore Juniors