Volunteer Charter

Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club Volunteer Charter

Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club relies on its volunteers to facilitate the smooth operation of the Club through the provision of services including the direction and management of the Club, Committee function and participation and as a regular support to the committees, sailing and social activities.

Key Principles
  • Volunteers are an essential and invaluable part of Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club (RFBYC), who freely contribute, their time, energy and skills for the benefit of others, within a positive and supportive environment.
  • Volunteering is unpaid and there is no payment or expectation of payment.
  • Our volunteers are a key group of individuals within the Club and are represented at all levels of decision making.
The purpose of this document is to encourage best practice in volunteer management, seeking always to develop the quality of volunteering opportunities. We seek to provide overall guidance and direction to volunteers and to demonstrate that the Club recognises its obligations to its volunteers.

We commit to the following:
  • To consult with volunteers and keep them informed of changes, to make it clear what is expected of volunteers and to provide them with regular feedback.
  • To try to match volunteers’ needs and motivations to those of the Club.
  • To recognise that volunteers require satisfying work and personal development, to seek to help volunteers meet these needs and to provide induction, training, information and support as necessary to the role being undertaken.
  • To provide well maintained equipment and vessels.
  • To provide volunteers with the opportunity to give feedback regarding their experience of volunteering and receive information, feedback and support from the Club.
  • To provide an environment free from intimidating, bullying, discrimination and harassment.
  • To recognise and acknowledge volunteers’ contribution the values role they undertake at the Club.
  • To provide a pleasant, safe and healthy environment for volunteers to conduct their duties and to ensure their requirements for sustenance are met.
Volunteers are requested to:
  • Observe and respect the policies, procedures and rules of the Club.
  • Show diligence and a duty of care to other volunteers, staff and members.
  • Show respect for fellow volunteers, employees, and members.
  • Respect that volunteers are on occasion privy to information of a sensitive nature and to treat this information discreetly.
  • Avoid any word or deed that will bring the Club into disrepute.
  • Take care of equipment and vessels under their control.
  • Enjoy and have fun!
RFBYC is committed to the principle of equality of opportunity and aims to ensure that all present and potential volunteers are treated fairly and on an equal basis. We aim to offer the best sailing facilities and activities and recognise that to achieve this aim, reliance is heavy on volunteers.  The Club’s sailing and social program continues to excel with enthusiasm and commitment from our volunteers.