On-Water Pass – get on the water at RFBYC

On-Water Pass 

We are proud to be one of the many clubs in Australia to offer SailPass, we refer to it as an On-Water Pass because we use this system to cover other activities at Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club. The system is used by people who are not yet members of the club but would like to test the waters before they dive in.

An On-Water Pass gives access to try keelboat sailing, dinghy sailing, St Ayles Skiff rowing and Power Time Trialling.

When you sign up for an On-Water Pass you are registered with the sports peak body Australian Sailing, giving you access to their personal accident insurance whilst participating in any club event. More information regarding the insurance can be found here.

There is no cost involved in taking out a pass at RFBYC.

How to get on the water with us:

How to get on the water with us:

Take a look at the Club Calendar to see what’s happening on the water.

You can find more information about keelboat sailing, power time trialling, dinghy sailing and rowing under the On Water menu.

To register as CREW and offer yourself to BOATS who are looking for crewmates:
  • download the free app called MemberPoint on your mobile device.
  • select RFBYC and register for a SailPass. You will receive login details, write these down, you should only complete the registration form the first time you use the app with RFBYC. If you cannot find the email, please check your spam folder. 
  • using the SailPass Services menu (see image) you can register your CREW PROFILE.  This will display your details in the CREW FINDER section and boats who are looking for crew will be able to contact you and invite you to join their team.
  • you can use the BOAT FINDER icon to look for boats that have positions available and get in touch with them too.
When you are ready to participate:
  • there is nothing more you need to do to be signed on for the boating activity.
  • your skipper will search for your name (surname search) and add you to their crew during their Crew Sign-on procedure.