Learn to Windsurf

The thrill of windsurfing is second to none. This course caters for those keen to get into windsurfing, right through to those wishing to go on and become instructors.

The program is designed to assist participants in obtaining the necessary skills to deal with all weather conditions, recognise their own limitations and have respect for the elements and provide them with the skills and experience to enjoy the thrill of windsurfing.

Course age is recommended from 12 years and older.

Cost: Non-member $320, Member $260 – both prices inclusive of GST (for 12 hour program)

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Windsurfing Courses:

Windsurfing Courses


Start Windsurfing

This course teaches the very basics of windsurfing including teaching participants how to sail to a chosen point on the water and return to where they started in light winds.

Course Length: 12 hrs

Course Prerequisites: Water confident

All necessary equipment and gear will be provided.

Cost: Non-member $300, Member $250 – both prices inclusive of GST

Better Windsurfing

This course is designed to improve windsurfing technique so participants are able to sail a course with competence, including board adjustment and improved stance, in light to moderate winds.

Course Length: 12 hours

Course Pre-Requisite: Start Windsurfing

All necessary equipment and gear will be provided.

Cost: From $250

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Registering for a course:

Registering for a course:

Please use the links to the information pages above to choose the right course for your child. A full list of available course dates is shown on the page. If you know which course you would like to enrol in you can also choose from the upcoming courses below.


To make a course booking, please use the ‘enrol now’ button to go to the registration page. This will take you to an Australian Sailing (AS) registration page. Australian Sailing is the national body for the sport. RFBYC is a registered Australian Sailing Training Centre.

You will need to know the Australian Sailing (AS) number of the sailor in order to register or you can create one for a new sailor. This becomes your childs unique identifier and stores their course information for future reference which can be accessed by your registered club and yourself. It is important that the AS number is created for the person doing the course with their own name and details, this number stays with them for their lifetime journey in sailing.