Adult Dinghy Courses

Adult Dinghy Courses

Dinghies courses are tailored for both teenagers and adults and involve sailing on small exhilarating boats (one, two or three crew vessels).

Dinghies represent an ideal learning platform because thanks to their small size participants are safe and in full control of all sailing aspects. In more experienced hands though dinghies become action-packed boats suitable for sailors looking for a thrilling sail!

Australian Sailing accredited small boat courses are conducted in Pacer dinghies. The Pacer is a 4 metre dinghy – it is an ideal dinghy for two adults to sail in.

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Adult Dinghy Courses Information

Adult Dinghy Courses Information

Start Sailing 1 & 2

Combined first and second levels of Australian Sailing’s Discover Sailing program. This combined course is suitable for novice sailors who have little to no sailing experience. This course is an introduction to fundamental boat handling skills (including rigging, capsize recovery drill, rope work, launch and recovery, sailing techniques and weather forecasts. The course then progresses on to more advanced concepts including close hauled sailing, theory, wind patterns and basic rules. This is a fun and challenging course that allows adults to learn the fundamentals of sailing and gain confidence in the sheltered waters of Freshwater Bay.

Prerequisite: Participants must be able to swim and be water confident – buoyancy vest supplied.

Cost: $390.00 per non-member inclusive of GST and $340.00 per member inclusive of GST (20-hour course). Includes Australian Sailing logbook and course materials.


Better Sailing

Discover Sailing in stronger winds as you develop the skills required to get maximum speed from your dinghy. Your journey speeds up as you experience the thrill of trapezing and using a spinnaker. Areas Covered include: Towing, capsize recovery of inverted boat, use of spinnakers and trapeze, understand and identify weather and environmental conditions.

Prerequisite: Start Sailing 1 and 2

Costs: $334 per non members and $284 per member inclusive of GST (20-hour course). Includes Australian Sailing logbook and course materials.

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Registering for a course:

Registering for a course:

Please use the links to the information pages above to choose the right course for your child. A full list of available course dates is shown on the page. If you know which course you would like to enrol in you can also choose from the upcoming courses below.


To make a course booking, please use the ‘enrol now’ button to go to the registration page. This will take you to an Australian Sailing (AS) registration page. Australian Sailing is the national body for the sport. RFBYC is a registered Australian Sailing Training Centre.

You will need to know the Australian Sailing (AS) number of the sailor in order to register or you can create one for a new sailor. This becomes your childs unique identifier and stores their course information for future reference which can be accessed by your registered club and yourself. It is important that the AS number is created for the person doing the course with their own name and details, this number stays with them for their lifetime journey in sailing.