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Sailing Travel Grant Fund
Funding Guidelines and Application Form

1. Funding

  • For the purpose of this document:

    • Grant(s) means a grant(s) of funds from the Sailing Travel Grant Fund.
    • Club means Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club
    • Member(s) means a member(s) of the Club
  • The funds are derived from Member donations to the Sailing Travel Grant
  • This document sets out:
    • the procedure for making applications for a Grant
    • the eligibility of Members for a Grant;
    • guidelines to determine whether to award a Grant and if so the amount of the Grant.
  • Applicants for a Grant should be aware that details of all awards shall be listed in Club communications, specifically Tidings Magazine.

2. Award of a Grant

  • The award of Grants must:
    • be determined by General Committee following a recommendation by Sailing Committee and
    • be made in accordance with Annexure A – Funding
  • The Funding Guidelines may be amended from time to time by General

3. Applications

  • The application must be on the Annexure B – Application Form and contain the information required by Sailing Committee.
  • Applicants for a Grant must submit to the Yachting Operations Manager an application in the approved form on or before the day of departure for the competition in question.
  • Applications submitted after the dates specified in 3(b) may be considered at Sailing Committee’s.

Annexure A – Funding Guidelines

1. Purpose of the Grant

The Sailing Travel Grant Fund is for the purpose of providing financial support to eligible Members of the Club who are travelling away from their usual place of residence. The Grants are awarded to assist and encourage Members to participate at sailing competitions of national or international significance.

A Grant can only be awarded to an “Eligible Applicant” (as defined in Annexure A 2. ) for the sole purpose of funding the following costs and expenses associated with travel.
  • flights and/or vehicles
  • fuel
  • freight and logistics
  • living and accommodation
  • any other direct travel costs associated with participating in the competition.

2. Eligible Applicants

An applicant for a Grant is an Eligible Applicant if
  • the applicant is an Ordinary, Life, Special, Senior or Junior Member of the Club and holds a current and continuous membership for a minimum of one Club financial year and
  • the applicant is a skipper or crew and
  • the Grant forms a necessary part of the funding to attend the competition and
  • the applicant:
    • is in good financial standing with the Club and
    • enters the competition as an exclusive representative of the Club. Requests for non-exclusivity may be considered at Sailing Committee’s

3. Awarding Guidelines

3.1 Relevant factors

When making a recommendation of a Grant (if any) to be awarded to an Eligible Applicant, Sailing Committee may have regard to the following:
  • the duration of the applicant’s membership at the Club.
  • whether the applicant will exclusively represent the Club.
  • the then current balance of the Sailing Travel Grant Fund together with the number of current or pending applications for a Grant by Eligible
  • the funding the Eligible Applicant may receive or has received for the competition from other sources, including Australian Sailing, funding organisations, other clubs and sponsors
  • the Member must be able to demonstrate commitment to the event for which the Grant is applied for.
  • the Member must be able to demonstrate a strong commitment to the Club, as evidenced by their active participation in Club activities.
  • the Member has provided past volunteer service and/or should actively seek to fill volunteer positions in the Club.
  • within a month of the end of their competition, recipients shall provide to the Club a report suitable for dissemination by the Club.
  • must acknowledge the Club in their event registration and acknowledge and promote the Club via all media. This must be suitable for dissemination by the Club.
  • all other things being equal, preference should be given to applicants that can show the most financial need for the Grant.
  • a Member joining a non-RFBYC entry in a competition as crew will not normally be considered eligible for a Grant.
  • any other factors that Sailing Committee considers to be relevant to the particular application.

3.2 Sailing Travel Grant Award Calculation

Awards are made on a per-person basis using the following table:
  • Members over 35 years of age may receive up to $750 each Club financial year.
  • Members under 35 years of age may receive up to $1,500 each Club financial year.
  • These are maximum amounts awarded and may vary depending on Annexure A 3.1 and 3.2(a) and (b) above.
Sailing Travel Grant Table Single First Event
Sailor (each)/$
Subsequent Event on Tour
Sailor (each)/$
Overseas Travel  >1000km 450 250
Overseas Travel <1000km n/a 200
Australian Travel >500km 300 150
Australian Travel <500km n/a 100

3.3 Conditions

Sailing Committee may recommend that a Grant to Eligible Applicants be made on a conditional basis including:
  • if the application is successful, funds to be paid via EFT into a bank account or credited towards their Club Account.
  • all Grant approvals are discretionary decisions of the Club and are subject to the limits of the Clubs budget and its financial position at the time of the application.
  • return of the Grant should the purpose for which it is awarded not eventuate.


Annexure B – Application

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Annexure B – Travel Grant Application