CPYA State Heat No. 4

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RFBYC would like to invite all power boats to take part in Heat 4 of the Cruising and Power Yacht Association (CPYA) State Championship time trial.

This event will take place on Saturday, 15 July and will be followed by presentation of results back at the Club afterwards.

Guests from all clubs are welcome to stay for a meal from our casual dining menu - pay as you go.


Event Information

Event Entry

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Entries close at 1700 hrs on Wednesday 12 July.


Course Map and Times

Start Times

Presentation of Results and Meals

Results will be announced in the Main Bar from 1730 hrs.

The Club's Bar menu will be available to purchase for those who would like to stay on for a meal.

The Bar menu may be viewed  HERE 

Entry List

Comp No. Boat Name Home Club Skipper Navigator
100 AU RPYC Gary Silcock Diane Hansen
101 Mimique RPYC Fional Laing Mark Hansen
102 Bon Voyage RPYC John Allpike Deborah Allpike
106 Cosmos RPYC Terence Mullins Sandra Mullins
107 Northern Reward RPYC Chris Hopkins Mike Hopkins
111 At the Office RPYC Mike O'Loughlin Lesley O'Loughlin
122 Corinne Adele RPYC Razvan Vlad Ioana Vlad
123 Charisma RPYC Stuart Gibson Rede McMillan
126 Meeka RPYC Joe Nevin Joel Nevin
133 Special Vintage RPYC Dorothy Bell Charlie Spargo
201 Queste RFBYC Hamish Beck Cameron Cox
212 Azure RFBYC Stephen Lewis Andrew Jordan
234 Content RFBYC Keith Anderson Bill Foster
236 Sea Hawke RFBYC Clive Hawkes Elise Manners
240 Havana RFBYC Tim Cummins Ken Stevenson
254 Xindi RFBYC Geoff Wells Dianne Clarke
286 Sirius RFBYC David Groucutt Don Tregonning
303 Liquid Assett CYC Paul Hodgson Mairead Hodgson
310 Ferry Relaxed CYC Peter Wilkinson Jenny Wilkinson
316 Helmi CYC Pete Watson James Ryan
330 Spectrum CYC Darren Chatfield Paul Moltoni
331 My Berty CYC Andrew Jenkin Amanda Jenkin
333 Enigma CYC James Donnelly Bruce Muir
400 Dalusional SoPYC Troy Dalglish Victoria Blanckensee
401 The Dolphin SoPYC Jason Claricoates Caroline James
403 Thanet SoPYC Guy Skinner Fiona Lyons
404 Reel Escape SoPYC Doug Smith TBA
411 Lone Star SoPYC Garry Morrison Amanda Watson
415 Holidaze SoPYC Vern Bailey Judy Bailey
426 Purrfect SoPYC John Cooper Lynne Cooper
428 Illusion SoPYC Ian Staples Kerry Staples
437 Legacy SoPYC Claudio Mancini Elizabeth Mancini
459 Stillwater SoPYC Justin Taylor Frank Dalglish
489 Thelissos SoPYC Iain Somerville Nicola Somerville
492 Indiana SoPYC Brian Smith Tina Smith
497 Emily May SoPYC Bob Wright Jane Goddard
505 Jojo PFSYC Veronica Binns Jason Binns
800 Lil Ozy II FSC Antony Osborne Charlotte Osborne
802 Concord FSC Ian Sampson Jennine Sampson
M02 Butcha MoFSC Mark Sach Judy Russell
M08 Kermit MoFSC Jeni Sach Bernie Kaaks

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For further information, contact Sharon Skinner via email at [email protected]
or by phone on 9286 8206.

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