Using the Club app

RFBYC Members have access to all features of the Club app

First, download the MemberPoint app on a phone or tablet. For instructions on installing and logging in to the app please scroll to the bottom of this page or use this link to go back the Club app instruction page for more information.

When you log in to the app you will see the dashboard. This shows recent news, upcoming events as well as any current alerts from the Club.

To receive member alerts as pop up notifications to your phone or tablet, please turn the feature on for the app using your phone settings.

There are menu pages within the app. Scroll through these pages by clicking on the menu items at the bottom of the screen:

  • My Account.
  • Content.
  • Member Services.

My Account

On this page you will find your own information and settings including:

  • My Details – edit your details, privacy settings and password.  When making changes to your address and other information please keep to the same formatting, this information connects directly with our Club database.  If you are not sure please send an email to the Club to change your contact information.
  • Payments – make a payment to your member account.
  • Account – view your recent charges and payments (please note that the details of f&b receipts are not being used by the Club).
  • Crew Profile – if you are looking for a crewing position for keelboat racing you can set up a profile and advertise yourself on the Crew Finder page. The enabled settings shows (yes) or hides (no) your personal crew profile.
  • Boat Profile – if you have a boat and are looking for crew you can set up a profile and post your crew advertisement on the Boat Finder page. The enabled settings shows (yes) or hides (no) your boat profile.
  • Dashboard – returns you to the home page where you can click on Club news and the Club events calendar.
  • Logout – this logs you out of the app. Next time you open it you will need to select the Club then enter your username and password.

You’ll notice other settings such as ‘Membership Card’, this feature is coming soon and will be announced to members when available.

Keelboat skippers please note – the Crew Profile and Boat Profile tools are not connected to the Crew Sign-on for keelboat racing. You do not need to do this as part of the sign on process. 


On this page you will find handy information about the Club:

  • Weather – local weather data for the Club’s location.
  • News – The Fresh News Blog.
  • Events- this will show you a list of Club events. When viewing the calendar items, please click on the line item to view more information. Some events will include buttons to take you to the Club website for further details and bookings (please note that if you continue to the website it will open the web browser on your device and take you away from the app).
  • Alerts – when the Club sends notifications to app users they will appear in a list here. To receive member alerts as pop up notifications to your phone or tablet, please turn the feature on for the app using your phone settings.

Member Services

Use this page for participating in on water activities:

The Crew Finder and Boat Finder is part of the Crew Experience Program. You can learn more about the program using this link. 

Using the app – RFBYC Members

Using a tablet or phone with the App Store or Google Play:

  • Search for the app “MemberPoint” and download it.
  • Open the app.
  • Select our Club.
  • Login using your MyRFBYC username and password.

Member usernames are your full 5 digit member number, for example 01234.

Default password is the first four digits of your date of birth (DDMM). For example 8 January would be 0801.

Please contact the Club office for assistance.

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