Junior membership

Junior membership

From $16 per month.

Benefits of full membership of Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club include:

  • Membership card.
  • Member emails for training and off the beach class activities.
  • Purchase RFBYC Club merchandise at member reduced prices.
  • Voting rights for Junior Committee activities.
  • Credit facility at off the beach section canteen.
  • May register a vessel and apply for storage in the off the beach class section.
  • Access to a huge range of club on water activities in keelboats and off the beach sailing boats.
  • Member discounts for training courses.
  • Australian Sailing registration and personal accident insurance.
  • Enter for Club racing events.
  • Make bookings for your family for Club off the beach section events (such as Dinghy Prize Night and Junior Committee events).
  • Access to free club training programme.


Fees for Juniors:

  • Annual subscriptions and levy. Charged at the start of the membership year, 1 May.
  • Entrance Fee, a once off nomination fee is payable to join the Club.
Age bracket Entrance fee
(once off)
Subscriptions and levy
(annual amount)
Junior Under 16 $176 $196.10
Junior 16-17 $220 $245.15
Online membership application
Complete the form online and submit it to the Membership Coordinator.