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Membership Application Form

If you are ready to become a member of Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, please apply using our online application form. The form is submitted to our Membership Coordinator and all details remain secure with the Club.

Nominations – Two members to verify your application:
All applications must be signed by a Proposer and Seconder who have been a member of the Club for at least five years. Members acting as a Proposer and Seconder must be a current Ordinary, Senior, Country, Special or Life member.

Club members - nominate a person for membership:
  1. The Proposing member will start the process, applicants should ask a member to nominate them for membership. The proposing member will do this by completing the online form on this page - they should click the button 'Proposing Member form', log in as a member and fill in the applicant details (first name / last name / email / name of seconder).
  2. When they have completed this process, the applicant will receive a membership application form. When the form is received by the Club, the Membership Coordinator will get in touch with the applicant. 
  3. Both the Proposer and Seconder will be asked to confirm that they agree to nominate.
Membership enquiries:
If you or are unable to get in touch with your member friends, please complete the enquiry form and our Membership Coordinator will get in touch with you to assist you to connect with them. Click the 'Enquiry form' button below. 

All applicants will require two nominating members before being able to complete an application for membership. To enquire about membership without two nominating members, please use the 'Enquiry form' and our our Membership Coordinator will contact you to assist with the process. 

Need help? Click here to send an email to our Membership Coordinator or give us a call at the Club.