Three Ways to Enjoy our Club’s Membership of the International Council of Yacht Clubs

RFBYC is a member of the International Council of Yacht Clubs (ICOYC), along with 42 leading yacht clubs representing 24 countries across five continents. Being part of the Council brings unique benefits to RFBYC and to you as a member.

The ICOYC was founded as an association of the world’s leading yacht clubs, working together to share knowledge and experiences that can benefit all members of Member Clubs. Initially ICOYC activity was focused on annual Forums and Regional Conferences where club leadership and interested members met to exchange ideas. More recently ICOYC has included the sharing of information on interclub cruises and invitations to regattas and events hosted by Member Clubs from around the world.

Through RFBYC’s membership of the ICOYC, club representatives may attend the ICOYC’s biennial World Forum (held at various Member Clubs) and annual Regional Conferences, where clubs share initiatives and experiences, discuss strategic and operational planning, benefit from workshops combining world-wide expertise and learn best practices in operating first class facilities for club members.  The conferences also include hands-on experience of the host club’s hospitality services, yachting and ancillary facilities.  In recent times Member Clubs have hosted cruises in home waters, inviting other ICOYC club members to join.

To help RFBYC make the most of our Council membership, the ICOYC recently launched a communications initiative to assure awareness and provide opportunity for participation by members of Member Clubs.


In 2021, ICOYC launched a new website (—easy to navigate and with a translation tool supporting 19 languages. The site holds a News section with updates from Member Clubs, an Events Page with upcoming regattas and events hosted by Member Clubs, and plenty of information about ICOYC and its regular activities.

Because ICOYC has been hosting Forums and Conferences for nearly 15 years, the volume of valuable content is immense. Most of the past presentations have been posted to the site as either documents or video or both. Now, thanks to the Council’s new website, Member Clubs can gain access to years of presentations, articles and insights. You can also more easily connect with members of fellow Member Clubs.

While all members of Member Clubs are welcome to visit the site, a paywall exists which limits access by non-members to the wealth of resources available on-line.  RFBYC Administration Staff, Current Flag Officers and Ex-Officio have access and can assist you with any research you are doing on behalf of the Club.  We recommend members explore the website, check out the Member Directory and view the Insights and News sections.

Broaden our Covid Horizons – Follow ICOYC on Facebook

‘Like’ ICOYC Facebook @TheICOYC.  Regular posts provide all sorts of news from our fellow ICOYC Clubs from all around the world.

If you are looking for more interactive communications on specific topics where peer experience may help, RFBYC members can join the “ICOYC Clubhouse” — a new private Facebook Group open to all members of Member Clubs. This is a convenient platform for asking questions and swapping ideas with ICOYC member club leaders. Want to know what another club did when they were in your situation? Simply ask in the ICOYC Clubhouse. Admission to the ICOYC Clubhouse Facebook group requires proof of membership at a RFBYC.

Follow ICOYC on Instagram

You can follow ICOYC on Instagram @icoyc_org where clubs and members post regularly with photos and news regarding all sorts of club activities and entertainment.  This is a great way to see what is happening and learn about other clubs, particularly if you’re planning a visit to the club/region in the future.

Get Involved

Over the years, the Council has become a valuable resource for news and information that specifically helps leaders at the world’s top yacht clubs.  In addition to being a repository of knowledge on club operations, the ICOYC meetings have become a great place to build friendships with other like-minded sailors. This personal networking aspect of ICOYC is great for both incoming leaders of our club as well as the more seasoned officers and directors. Meet your peers from the other great 41 yachting clubs and exchange experiences and knowledge.

We welcome you to visit the new ICOYC site, follow ICOYC on Instagram, and join them on Facebook. If you need some assistance, please contact

Contact the Club on 9286 8200 for assistance.