WA IRC State Championships 2021-2022

Hosting the 2021-2022 Ocean Racing WA IRC State Championships. 

Two passage races and up to four windward-leeward races make up the WA IRC State Championships.

2020-2021 Champions

In Division One, last years event was won by The Cadillac. Will Peter Chappell’s team on the racey Barrett 9.5 be able to defend their title against teams like Black Betty (Botin GP 42) and CheckMate (Summit King 40) the new boat in town (Fast 40+) Weapon of Choice?

First place – The Cadillac (Peter Chappell)
Second place – Joss (Ian Clyne)
Third place – CheckMate (Geoff Bishop)

Division Two Champions on the Jeanneau Sunfast 3600, Crush will have to again challenge last year’s Siska winners, Atomic Blonde (JPK 10.80) for the title.

First place – Crush (David Davenport)
Second place – Enterprise SP (Anthony Kirke)
Third place – Hustler (Jason Poutsma)

Event Noticeboard & Results
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Race Entry and Update

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Individual Race Notices

View the individual race notice and courses for the windward/leeward racing and two passage races
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Notice of Race & Sailing Instructions

Use this link to view the ORWA Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions and position / description of course marks.
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Supplementary Sailing Instructions

The Supplementary Sailing Instructions are to be read with the ORWA Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions.
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Saturday – up to two windward/leeward races in the vicinity of North Cottesloe Beach followed by the Dolphin Race, passage from North Cottesloe to Rockingham.

Sunday – up to two windward/leeward races in the vicinity of The Cruising Yacht Club, Rockingham,  followed by the Gordon Craig Ocean Race from Rockingham to Fremantle.

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