Aus. Sailing Category 6 Equipment Audit Form
Use the Cat 6 form if you intend doing races that will be conducted close to the shoreline in protected waters, daylight hours, with effective rescue ability. (Inshore Races)

Aus. Sailing Category 7 Equipment Audit Form
Use the Cat 7 form if you only intend doing short races that will be conducted in sheltered waters in daylight hours and only with effective rescue availability (Club River Races)

Category 7 Plus – RFBYC Night Race

Australian Sailing Special Regulations Category 7 Compliance – Explanatory Notes 2021-24

Use the OTB form for  unballasted boats, centreboard dinghies, skiffs, multihulls, small open-ballasted boats and small trailable boats.
Further information on the Australian Sailing Special Regulations are available to view on their website.


Life Jacket Inspection Form

To comply with Category 7 each member of the crew must have a life jacket equal or greater than 50N in service.  Before life jackets are inspected, you must be familiar with the manufacturer Annual Self Inspection and Service Instructions.  Each life jacket will require its own inspection form to be completed.

Dept. Transport Life Jacket Information Page 

Dept. Transport “How to Check your Life Jacket”

Life Jacket Self Care and Maintenance – 10 step easy to follow guide (Links to Boating WA)


Please ensure your yacht meets the relevant safety requirements as detailed in the Australian Sailing Equipment audit forms before contacting an Equipment Auditor.  The audit period runs from 1 July to 30 June each year.
Trish Ford – 0412 924 724
Mike Hughes – 0412 000 402
Shaun Hughes – 0419 373 345
Ian Malley – 0404 800 036
Greg Shakeshaft – 0450 889 258
Jenny Spearman – 0438 837 703
Manfred Speicher – 0416 018 407
Jonathon Strauss – 0408 945 608
Geoff Wells –  0408 935 950