Ordinary 18-35 membership

From $37 per month.

Benefits of full membership of Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club include:

  • Membership card.
  • Member email communication and exclusive invitations to Club events.
  • Vehicle access through front gate and on-site parking permit.
  • Member pricing for bar and restaurant purchases.
  • Access to Members’ Bar and Bowline restaurant.
  • Free member Wi-Fi in main clubhouse.
  • Debit and credit facility.
  • Bring up to 5 accompanied guests to the Clubhouse.
  • Invitation to New Members’ Night function along with your Proposer and Seconder for your introduction to the Club and receive a free gift bag from the Flag Officers.
  • Book for Club events and social activities.
  • Birthday gift.
  • Quarterly club publication, Tidings magazine.
  • Purchase RFBYC Club merchandise at member reduced prices.
  • Voting rights.
  • May nominate new members (after 5 years of membership).
  • May register a vessel and apply for storage (pens, moorings, tender racks, off the beach classes, yacht hard standing area).
  • Access to all club on water activities.
  • Member discounts for training courses.
  • Australian Sailing registration and personal accident insurance.
  • May book the Roland Smith Room, Athol Hobbs Room or Ward Room for private functions and corporate events.
  • Access to Club catering and functions team.
  • Free Sunday Sessions through the summer months with live music.
  • Enter for Club racing events.
  • Free access to over 20 Twilight Sailing evenings, often with live music.
  • Access to more than 50 Reciprocal Clubs around the world.
  • Spouse or de facto partner may join as an Associate for a very low annual fee.
  • Accumulate points towards membership discounts in Senior years.
  • Discounts available to full time tertiary students (50% reduction in subscriptions, levy and house support minimum spend).
Online application form

Online membership application

Complete the form online and submit it to the Membership Coordinator.
Online application form

Fees for Ordinary in age brackets 18 to 35:

  • Annual subscriptions and levy. Charged at the start of the membership year, 1 May or in quarterly instalments (4% admin fee).
  • There is a House Support minimum spend requirement in each six month period ending in April and October. Any shortfall is thereafter charged to members accounts.
  • Entrance Fee, a once off nomination fee is payable to join the Club. This can be paid in 12 instalments paid quarterly and spread over your first 3 years of membership (plus a small fee) or pay upfront.
Click here to view the Fee Schedule
Age bracket Entrance fee
(once off)
Subscriptions and levy
(annual amount)
House support
(six month minimum spend amount)
Age 18-20 $440 $443.75* $45* * reduced by half for students
Age 21-24 $704 $710* $72* * reduced by half for students
Age 25-27 $880 $887.50* $90* * reduced by half for students
Age 28-30 $1056 $1065* $108* * reduced by half for students
Age 31-35 $1232 $1242.50* $126* * reduced by half for students
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