Crew Experience Program

Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club’s Crew Experience Program is aimed at matching yacht owners with crew members interested in participating in racing.  This is a free service provided to members and non-members willing to crew on a casual or regular basis.  There are 2 options for you to discover a crew sailing experience.  One is through our Bulletin Boards located on the Club’s website and the other is through our Saturday Casual Crew Register.

Crew Seeking Yacht

No experience or qualifications are necessary to have a crew experience at RFBYC.  This is a ‘free’ way to get involved with sailing.  The Crew Bulletin Board for ‘Crew Seeking Yacht’ has been set up to help yacht owners connect with crew to sail in Club events at RFBYC.  Yachts requiring crew will contact you directly.

Register Here if you would like to Crew

Owner / Skipper Seeking Crew

RFBYC retains a register of yachts who are looking for crew.  The register provides potential crews with contact details so that they can get involved and in touch.  For those looking for a ride, the boat register is a great way to take charge of your experience and get in contact with RFBYC members.

Register Here if you need Crew

Crew Bulletin Board 

Information posted on the Crew Bulletin Board will be on the register for 6 months unless you request your name to be removed.  Please note that new messages are reviewed prior to being published and so will not appear automatically after being submitted.  Crews and owners/skippers are welcome to re-enter their details once their post has been removed from the register.

Note:  RFBYC reserves the right to remove any post from the register without warning at any time.

See the Crew Bulletin Board Here

Saturday Casual Crew Register:  October – April

In addition to the Crew Bulletin Boards, RFBYC has a Casual Crew Register on Saturdays from mid-October through until mid-April.  Each week there are yachts looking for casual crew to fill in for absent crew members.  To secure a position simply come down to the Club any Saturday between 11:45 and 13:00 dressed ready to go sailing ie:  shorts, top, jumper, spray jacket, deck shoes or non-marking sneakers, hat and sunscreen.  Please report to the Crew Placement Desk on the main driveway where our friendly Crew Coordinator will place you on a yacht to sail on for the afternoon.  The Casual Crew Register is an ideal starting point for people interested in sailing.

Thursday Afternoon Club Racing – All Year Round

The Club also conducts Thursday afternoon races all year round commencing from 15:00.  Racing is less complicated with boats restricted to jib and mainsail only (ie:  no spinnakers).  Casual crew are always welcome.

Important Notice

RFBYC in no way accepts responsibility for the accuracy of any information posted on the Crew Bulletin Boards.

Yacht racing can be dangerous.  It is a condition of acceptance by RFBYC that any information posted on the Crew Bulletin Board or the Casual Crew Register by crews and owners/skippers, that they understand that they voluntarily accept all risks associated with participation on any vessel or with any owner or skipper or crew to whom they may be introduced through the Crew Bulletin Board of Casual Crew Register.  By submitting their details each crew and owner/skipper (as the case may be):

  1. Acknowledges and agrees that neither RFBYC nor any other organising Club nor any servant, employee, officer or agent thereof makes any representation about or otherwise warrants the condition or suitability of any vessel or the competence or suitability of any skipper or crew, or accepts any liability for loss of life or injury to any person or loss or damage to any vessel, equipment or other property, and
  2. Confirms that he/she has read and understands RFBYC SI 27 (which applies to all RFBYC races) and which states as follows:-
  3. All those taking part in Club races do so at their own risk and responsibility.
  4. The Club is not responsible for the seaworthiness of a boat whose entry is accepted or the sufficiency or adequacy of its equipment.  The Club reserves the right to refuse an entry.
  5. Attention is drawn to Rule 4 which states:  ‘The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone’.
  6. In submitting details on the Crew Bulletin Boards & Casual Crew Register, both boat owners/skippers and crew applicants, acknowledge that they have read and understand the above information and agree to their personal details being listed on the registers.