Sailing Excellence Fund

Funding Guidelines and Application Form

1. Introduction

a) For the purpose of this document:

  • Campaign means a long-term campaign relating to a series of recognised sailing regattas as listed in, but not limited to, Annexure A 3.1(c) below.
  • Grant means a grant of funds from the Sailing Excellence Fund.
  • Club means Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club
  • Member(s) means a member(s) of the Club

b) The funds are derived from Member donations to the Sailing Excellence Fund.

c) The Sailing Excellence Fund is for the purpose of providing financial support to eligible Members who are undertaking a campaign.

d) This document sets out:

  • the procedure for making applications for a Grant
  • the eligibility of Members for a Grant
  • guidelines to determine the awarding of a Grant.

2. Award of a Grant

a) The award of Grants from the Sailing Excellence Fund must:

  • be determined by General Committee following a recommendation by Sailing Committee and
  • be made in accordance with the Funding Guidelines.

b) The current Funding Guidelines are set out in Annexure A.

c) The Funding Guidelines may be amended from time to time by General Committee.

3.  Applications

a) Applicants for a Grant must submit to the Yachting Operations Manager an application in the approved form on or before:

  • 31 March for a Grant relating a Campaign carried on in the 6 month period commencing 1 April or
  • 30 September for a Grant relating a Campaign carried on in the 6 month period commencing 1 October each year.

b) Applications submitted after the dates specified in paragraph 3(a) may be considered at Yachting Committee’s discretion.

c) The application must be in the form and be accompanied by the information required by Sailing Committee from time to time.

d) The current application form and information requirements are set out in Annexure B to this document.



Annexure A – Funding Guidelines

1. Purpose of the Grant

A Grant can only be awarded to an “Eligible Applicant” (as defined in paragraph 2 below) for the sole purpose of funding the following costs and expenses associated with a Campaign

  • regatta entry fees
  • boat charter, freight and logistics costs
  • travel, living and accommodation costs associated with attending regattas
  • attendance at Australian Sailing training programs
  • any other direct costs associated with participating in the regattas the subject of the Campaign
  • coaching expenses.

2. Eligible Applicants

An applicant for a Grant is an Eligible Applicant if:

a) in the case of an individual applicant (who may be part of a team) the applicant is an Ordinary, Life, Special, Senior or Junior Member of the Club

b) in the case of an applicant comprising a team of two or more persons, each member of the team is an Ordinary, Life, Special, Senior or Junior Member of the Club

c) the applicant:

  • is undertaking a Campaign
  • has made a significant contribution to the Club and participates in Club sailing activities
  • has and will continue to represent the Club in all regattas in the Campaign (whether in their own right or as part of a team)
  • is:
    1. a member of the Australian Sailing Team, the Australian Sailing Squad, the Western Australian High Performance Sailing Programme (WAIS) or the Western Australian Paralympic Squad
    2. invited to a series of Grade 1, Grade 2 or Grade 3 match racing events; or
    3. a member of the RFBYC Sailing Institute or
    4. otherwise approved by Sailing Committee.

3. Awarding Guidelines

3.1 Relevant factors

When making a recommendation as to the amount of a Grant (if any) to be awarded to an Eligible Applicant, Sailing Committee:

a) may have regard to the following:

  • the duration of the Campaign prior to the date of the application
  • results achieved by the applicant in recognised sailing regattas
  • if available, the current ranking of the applicant or team published by World Sailing
  • in the case of an applicant comprising a team, the period the team has been sailing together
  • the duration of the applicant’s membership with the Club
  • whether the applicant will exclusively represent the Club
  • the then current balance of the Sailing Excellence Fund together with the number of current or pending applications for a Grant by Eligible Applicants
  • the funding the Eligible Applicant may or has received for the Campaign from other sources, including Australian Sailing, funding organisations, other clubs and sponsors
  • the total expenses associated with the relevant Campaign in the period relating to the Grant (net of any prize money that is likely to be received), as specified in the budget submitted with the application.  Download the Budget Template HERE.

b) any other factors that Sailing Committee considers to be relevant to the particular application.

c) without limiting the above, may prioritise funding to Campaigns involving regattas with a higher order of priority set out below:


1Olympic RegattasWorld ChampionshipsYouth World ChampionshipsAmericas Cup
 2World ChampionshipsEuropean Championships and international ranking regattasClass World ChampionshipsWorld Match Racing Tour
 3European ChampionshipsNational ChampionshipsEuropeansGrade 1 Match Racing Regattas
 4World CupsNational ChampionshipsGrade 2 Match Racing Regattas
 5Regional EventsNational RegattasGrade 3 Match Racing Regattas
 6National RegattasGrade 4 Match Racing Regattas


3.2 Conditions

Sailing Committee may recommend that a Grant to Eligible Applicants be made on a conditional basis including:

a) a condition that a Grant be paid by one or more instalments

b) a condition that the whole or any part of a Grant only becomes payable on the achievement of certain milestones.


Annexure B – Application

This form is for the request of a Grant from Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club in accordance with the guidelines stated.  Please complete all details and return to the Club.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted.


Sailing Excellence Application Form
Application Period



Please list all Yacht Clubs you currently hold membership at and type:


List any contributions you have made to sailing at RFBYC eg: coaching/volunteer work, committees


What are your results in the last 12 months?








Maximum upload size: 52.43MB


• I agree to provide a report to RFBYC on what the funds were spent on and including supporting documents/receipts if requested. • I agree to make a written report to RFBYC on my racing program including all results for the period of the grant given. • I agree any substantial deviation from the program as described should be discussed with the Club at the earliest opportunity, should that eventuality arise. • I declare that all the above information is true and correct and agree to return to RFBYC any amounts paid if the information is this application is found to be false. • I agree to assist the Club by volunteering my services at a time mutually agreeable to the Club and myself.