Crew Sign-On for Club Keelboat activities

Now available using the Club app

Skippers can select Crew Sign-on from the Member Services page to sign their boat on for Keelboat Frostbite races.

They need to download the MemberPoint app first. For instructions on installing and logging in to the app please use this link to go back the Club app instruction page.

Keelboat Skippers

All yachts who have entered in the 2021 Keelboat Frostbite Series are registered and will be able to use Crew Sign-on.  Boats do not need to do anything other than for the skipper / person in charge to use the Crew Sign-on tool to sign on their persons on board for the race.

  • All registered boats will appear in the menu.
  • All RFBYC members will be available to add as crew.  There is no need for members to do anything, the data is already in the Club membership database.
  • Non-members who hold a valid On-Water Pass for the date will also be available to add as crew during the Crew Sign-on process. The pass system brings them in to the database just for the dates they hold a valid On-Water Pass, this makes them available for the skipper to add to their boat as crew.

For information about Crew Sign-on for racing activities and details, please use the link.

** Please note that anyone who held a valid RFBYC Sailing Affiliate registration on 30 June 2021 will be available in the Crew Sign-on until further notice. There is no need for them to take out a pass and they do not need to use the MemberPoint app. They will be available for their skipper/person in charge to sign them on.

On-Water Pass 

The On-Water Pass system is for anyone who is not a current member of Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club.  It ensures that they have a valid Australian Sailing (AS) registration on the days that they wish to participate and makes the person available to sign on for keelboat racing using the Club app.

People who would like to crew in Club Keelboat events and are not a member of any yacht Club can register for an On-Water Pass. There is currently no charge. On the days that the person holds a valid pass, they will be available for their skipper to add them as part of their crew when completing the Crew Sign-on for racing activities.

Visiting yachts and crew who are members of another yacht club that is affiliated with Australian Sailing are invited to take out an On-Water Pass and complete the sign on process. There is no cost involved in taking out a pass and signing on for keelboat racing.

Using the app – RFBYC Members

Using a tablet or phone with the App Store or Google Play:

  • Search for the app “MemberPoint” and download it.
  • Open the app.
  • Select our Club.
  • Login using your MyRFBYC username and password.

Member usernames are your full 5 digit member number, for example 01234.

Default password is the first four digits of your date of birth (DDMM). For example 8 January would be 0801.

Please contact the Club office for assistance.

Additional information and frequently asked questions

For more information and to view a list of frequently asked questions, please use the links below to download the documents.

Click here to download the Crew Sign On Info Pack For Skippers

Click here to download the Crew Sign-on information pack for Crew.

Click here to download the On-Water Pass information pack for non-members. 

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